Wednesday, October 18, 2017

How to play football to win the game first time

Foot ball is popular game in our country. Its popularity is increasing day by day.But there   is no
enough play ground and coaching  center in our country.That is why we can not create best footballer. Even though  here is enough opportunity . To create best footballer  we can took some steeps . the steeps are given bellow. such as- first select fair selection committee for young footballer.   After that they should train-up properly.Moral education is most important to create them.why not non ethical people can not prosper in life. 
foot ball

Footballer  should have follow the Gide line given by their teacher. They should  maintain moral education .Besides to win the game they should have strong will.

Tuesday, October 17, 2017

How to play foot ball

The ODAC is adding another football program from Western Virginia.
The NCAA Division III conference announced Monday that it will add Southern Virginia University as a football-only member beginning in the 2019 season.
“We’re really excited,” SVU coach Joe DuPaix said. “From a location standpoint and travel and expenses and having kids not miss the school and being able to play some night games that are close and having some natural rivalries that are close, … the move makes sense.”
The Buena Vista university is currently in its fourth season as football-only member of the New Jersey Athletic Conference. The Knights will remain in the NJAC next fall.
The Latter-day Saints school will remain a member of the Capital Athletic Conference for basketball and other sports.
This is the second time this year that the ODAC has decided to add a school from Western Virginia. The ODAC, which already includes Washington and Lee, announced in June that Ferrum would become an all-sports member beginning in the 2018-19 school year.
SVU athletic director Jason Lamb had said in June that his school had applied for all-sports membership to the ODAC, had been offered football-only membership and was in negotiations with the league.
Once Ferrum and SVU come aboard, the ODAC will have nine football members. Schools will play eight conference games and will have to find only two nonleague foes for their schedules each year.
“The football issue for us, from a [nonleague] scheduling perspective, is pretty challenging,” ODAC commissioner Brad Bankston said. “So when the opportunity presented itself to have Southern Virginia join as a football-only member, we obviously seized upon the opportunity.
“Nonconference games … have increasingly been more difficult to find over the last two or three years.”
The ODAC is down to seven football members this season because football-only member Catholic left the league after last season. W&L filled out its schedule this year with nonleague foes from California, Missouri, Maryland and Tennessee.
The addition of Ferrum will give the ODAC 13 basketball schools next year; Bankston said the ODAC was satisfied with that number and thus was not looking to add an additional all-sports member. As a football-only member of the NJAC, SVU had the flexibility to become a football-only member of the ODAC.
Southern Virginia is one of two football-only NJAC members from the commonwealth, along with Christopher Newport University. But CNU is a public college and thus not an ideal ODAC expansion candidate; the ODAC’s charter calls for only private schools to be members.
The ODAC is a much better geographic fit for SVU than the New Jersey Athletic Conference.

Sunday, October 15, 2017

Labor low of Bangladesh

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However, only a few of them returned. The bullet ridden bodies of others were found. But the law enforcement agencies denied these allegations, says the rights body.
According to the report, 588 women have been raped. The majority of them killed after rape; some commited suicide.
It also says that the incidents of domestic violence are increasing at an alarming rate in Bangladesh.
Hundreds of women have been victims of domestic violence which was triggerd by demands for dowry.
The report also unfolds the grim picture of child abuse.
“As many as 1,217 children were either killed or tortured. Of them, 252 were killed, 77 committed suicide, the bodies of 26 were recovered after they went missing and the bodies of 67 were found later,” according to the press release. 
In addition, the report claimed that 16 people were killed by Indian border guards.
In the wake of political violence, 44 people were killed and several thousands wounded.